Want to manage business change easier, faster, and with a more profitable outcome than your competition? And keep your employees engaged!

We know how

Companies must evolve to stay competitive but managing change can be a headache.   Productivity can suffer.   Morale can drop.

Adaptus Consulting helps growing businesses by taking the hassle out of introducing new technology, process or cultural change.   Never again will your business waste time, money or effort when introducing something new.

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How do we work?

Our ADAPT method makes business change easy

  1. We assess how willing and able  your employees are to adapt to change and help your business get ready.
  2. We define specific activities to support your business through the change to ensure it causes minimal disruption.
  3. We help you apply the activities and manage the change.
  4. We review what’s working and what can work better, and adjust the approach to prevent problems arising.
  5. We facilitate the transfer of the change into your culture to ensure it sticks.

How are we different?

We work with SMEs & NFPs

We understand the realities of
small business and specialise
in small team dynamics

We show you how

We show you how to manage
change in your business while
we work with you

We engage your team

We deal with both behaviour and mindset change – the way employees perform their work and how they think about it

You see & feel the results

Our method reduces stress, resistance, and time spent on managing business change. We guarantee it

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Our services

adaptus icon 56x63Adapt Package
Do you need help managing your business through a change? Find out about our Adapt Package.

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Headache Buster
Trying to deal with change resistance? Have a problem you can’t overcome? Find out about our Headache Buster service.

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Mentoring Package
Do you need the support of a coach to teach you how to manage your business through change? Then this Mentoring Package is for you.

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Employee Engagement Study
Is your team underperforming? Unmotivated? Disengaged? Find out why and fix the problem using our Employee Engagement service.

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Board Effectiveness Study
Do you want to re-energise your Board members or find out what the blocks are? Our Board Effectiveness Study highlights strengths and weaknesses with a view to improving communication, engagement and performance.

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Trying to engage your team?
Struggling to motivate them to adopt a business change?   Battling with resistance?

Learn how with this book

Adopt Adapt Flourish is an employee engagement-based method to lead your team through change while protecting your business performance.




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Chapter 2: The Mistakes Businesses Make When
Undergoing Change