Melanie Frok photo ADAPTUS
I care about people and how they experience their world of work. I understand that innovative businesses continually experience change. Coping with change is challenging. Creating a healthy workplace is even more important for staff, employers and the business when change is afoot.

Hi, I’m Melanie Frok. Motivating staff to willingly embrace a changing environment is my forte. As a change-management and staff-engagement specialist, I’ve been helping businesses adapt to change since 2000. I’ve learnt a lot about how people react to uncertainty and I understand the challenges of guiding staff to change their behaviour.

My own life has been affected by many personal and professional changes, so I am highly attuned to the emotional and intellectual impacts of adapting to something new. I understand that coping with change is personally demanding, through having lived and worked in eight cities in three different countries, and negotiating life among a variety of cultures.

As a young person I survived attending six different schools, which taught me to be brave and resilient. Each new experience helped me to realise that adaptation was a skill that can be learned. I learnt that change can impact how you view yourself but it also offers new opportunities to grow.

I understand the dynamics and culture of different sized organisations because I’ve worked for major corporations, small business and in my own business. Each is unique and absorbs change differently, depending on the size, shape, industry and culture. People have different work ethics and are motivated by unique aspirations. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to effectively managing change.

My experiences have taught me that change causes discomfort, but without change we cannot succeed in our business, our work, and for ourselves. I believe businesses need to develop skills to cope with discomfort and uncertainty. In my work I help people and businesses develop resilience, which is central to remaining productive when change is affecting your environment.

I work with you and your business to minimise the headaches that growing pains can cause. Using a people-focused method, I help you build a strong, adaptable team. I listen to what you need, then offer unique solutions to ensure your investment in change is a brilliant success!

Good, strong staff make good, strong businesses. Call me to talk about facing change together.