Adaptus Headache Buster

Are you trying to deal with a problem that won’t budge?
We can help!
Our Headache Buster service offers a 1 hour Skype or phone session to bust through the block and arrive at the other side with guidance and strategies to deal with your problem.

What we do

  • Firstly you complete our Headache Buster questionnaire so we can prepare for your session.
  • During the Skype call you receive direction, guidance and practical step-by-step advice on solving your problem.
  • If needed, electronic copies of templates and instructions are provided for completing tasks.
  • Email access to your mentor for 1 week following your session to discuss any further resolution concerns.
What are the benefits to your business?
  • Reduces the time and effort to resolve the problem
  • Builds problem-solving skills and knowledge to re-use in future
  • Empowers your employee to take charge
  • Builds confidence in the outcome being a success
  • Fewer surprises
  • Fewer headaches
Service Value

$450 per session

Special Offer

Take up this service and receive a FREE copy of the book –  Adopt Adapt Flourish An easy guide to engaging and inspiring employees to adapt to change.