Adaptus Mentoring Package

Adaptus Consulting helps businesses build their own employee-engagement and change management skills in-house by offering a mentoring and coaching service.

What is the format of the coaching?

Mentoring is offered in 3, 5, or 7 session bundles, typically over Skype, weekly, fortnightly or monthly for 1 hour per session.

The format includes:

  • Setting one or more objectives according to your business needs.
  • Providing direction, guidance and practical step-by-step advice on tasks to be completed or problems to be solved. All tailored to your current challenges and cultural context.
  • Electronic copies of templates are provided for completing tasks.
  • Written instructions are provided for strategies to resolve issues of resistance or communication cut-through.
  • Email access to your mentor throughout your coaching period.
What are the benefits to my business?
  • Reduces the time and effort to manage your business through change
  • Builds skills to re-use in future periods of growth
  • Empowers your employee to take charge
  • Reduces problems that are costly to fix
  • Builds confidence in the outcome being a success
  • Quicker to market
  • More return on investment
  • Fewer surprises
  • Fewer headaches
Service Value

$225 per session per person

3 sessions $675

5 sessions $1125

7 sessions $1575

More than 7 sessions – price on application