Employee engagement is the new employment currency

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Small businesses that get engagement right consistently outperform their competitors

Over the past decade, one of the most compelling changes in the world of work has been our approach to managing people. The old industrialised regime ‘managed’ workers by planning, organising and controlling everything. This is unfeasible in today’s progressive, highly connected society. If you possess the mindset of – I (the boss) tell you (the paid employee) what you must do and you do it – you had better think long and hard about your future in business. Your days might be numbered. How employees feel while at work impacts commercial success. Businesses that authentically value their employees and create a buzz of energy in the workplace will thrive in the 21st century economy.

Research tells us that companies with highly engaged employees generate 2.5 times the profit and have 87% higher retention rates, compared to companies with low engagement levels. Engaged workers are the lifeblood of any thriving business because they consistently and willingly go the extra mile day after day. The message from successful companies is strong – high engagement is vital to the success of any growing business.

Alarmingly, the Australian work culture is not getting better at creating meaningful work situations. Disengagement is rife. According to reports, a staggering 76% of all Australian workers are disengaged in their jobs. Disengaged employees cost our country around AU$54.8 billion per year in lost productivity.
Just think about that for a moment. For every 100 people you employ, potentially up to 76 of them lack focus or feel little to no emotional investment in their job. This means your environment is much less productive than it could be. How much time and money is your business wasting?

Unlike volatile market forces, the level of employee engagement in your business is within your control. To win customers — and a bigger share of the marketplace — companies must first win the hearts and minds of their employees.

Active engagement is a powerful tool for motivating people to be resilient to change, enthusiastic about their work and committed to helping your business flourish. It is your key to high performance, low turnover, reduced absenteeism and big profits. Contact Adaptus Consulting now to tap into the discretionary effort that lies dormant in your workforce. See the difference it makes to your bottom line.