The new competitive edge

Being capable of rapid change is the new competitive edge

To compete in your industry and thrive, your business must consistently renew, adapt and evolve – and your people must too. Whether you are introducing a new technology or process, or responding to market pressures, you need staff to get on board and do things differently. Most businesses just introduce change and hope for the best. It’s common for business owners to feel ill equipped to deal with resistant behaviour and lack time to implement corrective action. So they just push it through. But what happens? Headaches, lots of them. Commonly obstacles appear unexpectedly, customers are negatively impacted, morale declines, productivity slows, stress, confusion, fatigue. I see it all the time.

Managing change well in the 21st century economy is now business-as-usual. If you can build up your workforce to adapt to change faster and better than your competitors, then you have a strong competitive advantage – and the sky’s the limit.

Now back to reality. Unfortunately most businesses undergoing change are disappointed. Uncertain, anxious, and confused employees feeling out of control during change do not perform well. But this doesn’t have to be the case.

If you strive to be the best in your industry you need to be capable of rapid change. Using a change management approach like the Re-adapt Method helps employees to cope with ambiguous, uncertain, conflicting. Good change management builds resilience in people so they can adapt and perform in a volatile world. If your business is going through a transition then you need to consider change management as a cost-avoidance and risk-mitigation tactic to safeguard your business. Not as a nice-to-have.

Adaptus Consulting can help your business create a culture where staff can adapt quickly and implement new ways of thinking and behaving to position you as a top performer.  Avoid the risk of wasting your investment in change and contact Adaptus Consulting now.